Competition Page

TSO continue to offer the best value for money products on the Internet. Each month we have various offers and promotions, this month there is a chance for you to receive all your money back no gimmicks no mis-print just simple marketing. We want you to tell your friends, family a work colleague or even a stranger just how crazy our genuine prices are. We believe that our prices and services are second to none and with our April promotion we confirm, “We are simply the best”

The September Promotion

All Wheel and tyre orders and all orders for 4 Tyres or more received before October 30th will be entered into a special prize draw on Friday 23th November. The Winner will have their complete invoice reimbursed, the next 5 runners up winners will have 50% of there total invoice reimbursed. The winner and the runners up winners will be notified in writing by 24th December.

Don’t miss out on our October Promotion

Re visit this site again for forthcoming events update expected 1ST week in October.